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Hey there and welcome to my website!
I’m Yasmin Mohamad, the author of Wavy Adventures. I've spent the last couple of years working on my first and latest children's book which is just the beginning of a trilogy series!
Thank you all who have supported this journey.
Explore my new online home and don't forget to follow me on instagram at @mywavyadventures.
Love, Yas 🐬

Dolphin Lover

About Yasmin

On a mission to teach kids the importance of ocean conservation through story telling and giving teachers and parents tools and resources so they can do the same in their classroom or home.

Yasmin Mohamad

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Danielle Marietta

Family & Ocean Love
September 1, 2022

I enjoyed reading this book to my kids! It was a book that held their attention. From reading about a young boy navigating the feelings and emotions of the loss of his mother, to learning the importance of taking care of the environment, this was a great pick. Wavy Adventures is a perfect fit for young readers who love sea creatures and pirates, too!

"The ocean is truly what keeps us alive. And we have to return the favor." Sylvia Earle

Meet the Real Rusty

Yes! Rusty was actually based on a real-life, pirate-looking, dolphin-loving activist and advocate that spent the majority of his years protesting the captivity of dolphins and whales! 

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Meet Me at Eco Fest!

Join me December 11th at EcoFest in Miami Beach for live music, giveaways, a reading from my book!!!

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